Blasting / Blowing / Blasting


Alkyd / Epoxy / Fireproof Dyes

Our company specializes in the application of liquid paints such as Alkyd, two-component epoxy as well as flame retardants in all cases of fire protection / fire resistance for 30-60-90-120 minutes. They can be applied in all ways such as rollers, air machines as well as Airless paint pumps.

FROSIO Level 3 Inspection / Certification

We provide inspection and certification audit reports on projects where their specification requires it. Our customers can be guaranteed a good performance of the work as well as the correct application of paint systems according to the corrosive environment where the construction will be at the most economical market prices.


Sandblasting Mavrofotis

K. MAVROFOTIS company has been working for three decades in the technical protection of surfaces with sandblasting and special paints.

K. MAVROFOTIS started in 1980 with the subject of sandblasting - coatings - protections with metal coatings.

He started as a company and did work on the place of manufacture of materials or their place of installation. He has done important works throughout his career

In the context of modernization, studying the needs of modern requirements and technologies, it was considered necessary to create closed facilities. In 1998 a land of 5500 m2 was purchased in the Volos Craft Park where the total coverage of 480 m2 was constructed.

The purchase of the land and the establishment of the site took place without subsidy and lending.

Considering that the work is based on the highest ISO 9002 specifications available, our partners have appreciated the efforts, so that the facilities and machinery are not sufficient. So we got to the point of having to deploy de facto extensions and complement machinery to meet production. So in 2003 we expanded the production area to 1,100 m2. At the same time we provided our installations with lifting cranes of 20 tonnes and also due to the requirements of modern paints we installed heating up to 40 ºC as well as ventilation.

Our staff consists of craftsmen who are constantly trained in every new technology.

In 2015, investing in quality and expertise, we attended the international school to obtain the FROSIO Inspectorate degree recognized worldwide as a leading institution for the inspection of metallic surfaces and the application of color systems in accordance with the specifications of their manufactures and ISO STANDARD.

Nikolaos Mavrofotis is now a FROSIO Level 3 (Red) Inspector who is the top tier because of years of experience on the subject.

The work we undertake is both on site and at our facilities.

We undertake: Sandblasting - paint (fireproof, epoxy etc.) as well as epoxy floors.

In addition to ISO 9002 No 201000106, the company has an operating license and an environmental design license.