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Internationally recognized inspector of application of paint systems and protection of metal surfaces according to ISO 8501 και ISO 12944 ανώτατης βαθμίδας Level 3 ID No. 8736 

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About Frosio

FROSIO is a membership organization established in 1986 by industry to meet a growing demand for skilled and certified personnel at all levels in the management, production and inspection of corrosion protection and surface treatment operations. In 2012, FROSIO established a similar system of training and certification of insulation inspectors.

FROSIO acts by formulating quality requirements for surface treatment and insulation inspectors. The FROSIO approval and certification system has achieved high international recognition and a FROSIO certified inspector is a special requirement in different standards and specifications.

Certification is a natural career progression for those who have successfully completed an apprenticeship or for those with extensive experience in anti-corrosion or insulation work.


  • To raise the level of quality with all aspects of surface treatment and insulation.
  • To act by formulating quality requirements and developing training programs for surface treatments and insulation inspectors.


  • FROSIO focuses on the importance of impartiality in the performance of certification activities, managing conflicts of interest and ensuring the objectives of certification activities.


  • Have independent inspectors
  • Have qualified / certified inspectors
  • To avoid undermining the authority of inspectors
  • To improve surface treatment work in general

Main duties:

  • Preparation and maintenance of training programs for both surface treatment and insulation courses and examinations.
  • To approve the training institutions.
  • To conduct examinations.
  • Evaluation and approval / rejection of candidates for certification.
  • Renewal of certificates.
  • Maintain records of all certified personnel.
  • Participation in standardization work, at national and international level.

Requirements for certification:

  • Attend an 80-hour training course provided by a FROSIO-approved training organization.
  • Pass both the theory and practical exams.
  • Document of relevant experience and audit experience.

Type of certificate based on experience

  • Certificates have 3 levels depending on proven experience.